A Helpful Solution For Sleep Apnea

Image courtesy of pixabay.com under CC0 License

Image courtesy of pixabay.com under CC0 License

Many individuals use a mandibular advancement device because snoring affects their daily life, and nightly sleep. After using anti-snore straps, anti-snoring pills, and other remedies, often times, this device is the only solution that works, short of surgery. In fact, these types of devices offer significant benefits to securing a good night sleep. That includes:

  • Reduce the Potential of Apnea – Many individuals are prescribed a mandibular advancement device that is worn as a mouthpiece or mouth guard. This helps to lightly clamp the teeth, to hold the job slightly forward keeping the mouth only semi-close. When the muscles in the throat and jaw contract, the device stops the ability to block the airway and compromise breathing. In all, this helps reduce the potential of sleep apnea in men and women.
  • Ideal for Mouth Breathers – Often times, snorers turn into mouth breathers, where they no longer keep their mouths shut at night and breathe through their nose. This device works as an ideal solution because most are manufactured with a hole at the front that works as a way to pass air through the device. These devices are ideal at stopping snoring even when suffering from a cold or flu.
  • Relieves Molar Pressure – Many individuals suffer from increased pressure on the molars at the back of the mouth. These devices are ideal for preventing teeth grinding that can cause significant damage to molars and other teeth.
  • Enhances Sleep Quality– By reducing the potential for sleep apnea, everyone in the room gets more restful sleep because the snore stops snoring. Quality sleep is essential to living a high-valued life, and eliminates feeling tired every day.

There are other significant advantages to using the dental appliance over a traditional CPAP machine. These include:

  • Significantly reduced noise when compared to a CPAP machine
  •  No power supply needed
  • Much less expensive than operating a CPAP machine
  • Significantly less noticeable than using other sleeping devices including a CPAP 

How It Works

A mandibular repositioning device is highly effective for every individual that suffers from snoring. This is because it is designed to work effectively by holding the jaw forward while wearing it, pushing the lower teeth farther out from the upper teeth while sleeping. In addition, because the tongue attaches to the jaw at the chin, it holds the airway open by moving the tongue outward. This larger airspace, even when measured by several millimeters greater, opens the restricted airway and eliminates snoring.


Side Effects

There are only minimal side effects when using a one of these devices. This includes myofacial pain, which is typically experienced at the early stage of snoring treatment. In addition, some individuals experience excessive salivation. However, a chinstrap might be useful as a way to correct this salivation issue.

Because of the anatomical factors of the throat, jaw and chin, this type of mandibular device is a simple solution that has been time tested on both men and women. It also works as an ideal solution for individuals that cannot tolerate using a CPAP machine or other sleep apnea device.